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We don't build brands, we grow them

Our proprietary methodology, Biotic Brand Cultivation, has been designed over a period of 20 years based on practical experience and customer feedback. This is why it offers various benefits that will give you peace of mind.

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Let's talk benefits

Our proprietary and unique methodology, Biotic Brand Cultivation since 2004, adopts the biotic laws of growth for the cultivation of brands. Brands can only exist on the basis of their relationship with stakeholders. If that relationship dies, the brand loses its purpose. Any relationship will die when not nourished. If something dies, it implies it was initially alive. Biotic simply means 'alive'. 


Hence, a healthy brand relationship is alive, thus biotic.

Our methodology

Processed based

At Growingdale we hate draining projects, where the energy fades because of lack of oversight and perspective. Without a process-based working method, this is exactly what you get. Our methodology has predefined steps, sequence and proprietary tools to manage the entire branding process. It has the advantage of providing more overview and control. This allows an in-depth approach with faster lead time and more actionability.  Instead of restricting creativity, this process will allow more room for creativity.

By understanding the laws of growth, we know that growth is a process before being a result — a biotic process

Not everything labelled as growth is growth. Some view growth as a destructive and exhaustive process. 

However, growth and expansion are two different things.


Whereas natural biotic growth, requires strength 

expansion requires weakness. Understanding the three basic laws of growth enables us to master the process and to operate as true growth cultivators -  naturally.

What we aim when working for you

Increase value

Brand equity is nothing more or less than the value attributed to your brand or company on the basis of the level of unexchangeability. The less your brand is exchangeable, the higher its (perceived) value is.

Brand Equity is also called intangible asset. Despite being intangible as an asset, it is tangible in its impact om the company's return-on-investment.


In our branding approach we focus on one thing and one thing only; how to reduce the exchangeability of your company or brand (your company is a brand) to the max. This will impact your customer relationship, your share value and your sales.



Growingdale has acquired 

considerable experience in the market of alternatives for meat, fish and dairy. In terms of branding, it also has developed a number of models to support the R&D and product development phase.


Growingdale has vast experience in institutional branding. We understand the culture of institutions and the difference with commercial projects.

Though the principles of Biotic Brand Cultivation are identical, we understand how to transpose the 

methodology toward a non-commercial environment.


Innovation can be exciting, yet totally useless if does not deliver tangible benefits for the target group. 

Over the last years, we specialised in innovation branding. 


This includes how to brand innovation, and specifically, how to communicate innovation in a customer-relevant way.

How some of our clients experienced working with us

"During the commercialization of two food products developed within BioscienZ BV, we needed a new brand name and branding for the series A funding round. After only four sessions with a methodical approach deep-diving into our company DNA, personal style and drive and the company's way of producing proteins, Growingdale came up with options for a brand name and logo, and we chose within one hour. It was spot on, but not only this, it was a pleasure to work with Growingdale's team! They were very friendly and bright at the same time!

Wim de Laat - founder of BioscienZ and

The Protein Brewery

We have worked with Growingdale for a number of strategic brand development projects and technology launches. Growingdale's broad experience across sectors enables him to bring strategic thinking with practical solutions that resonate with customers. Working with Mattèo (Founder Growingdale) is always a pleasure, he takes time to listen and understand the challenges faced, ensuring wider stakeholders are engaged with the project. I can highly recommend Growingdale to help successfully support your brand or business. 

Malcolm Stamper - Senior Corporate Brand and Communications Officer, Etex

Growingdale is a pioneer in brand science with  a great strategic and visionary mindset and very much result driven.  Great  coaching helping me a lot in developing brand strategies for my clients.

It's a great pleasure to work with Growingdale since it always keeps inspiring me and enabling me to convert brand strategy to very hands-on communication opportunities.

Martijn Baarda - Founder Growinski

Some of our clients

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