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Our work process is designed to save time and increase efficiency. We have a standardised process in place that helps us gather all the necessary information upfront. This means that we don't have to ask for redundant information and can immediately focus on what is relevant to each task. As a result, we can complete assignments quickly and efficiently, saving you and us time.

Time saving

Our standardised process allows us to offer tailored advice specific to your organisation. This means that instead of you having to adjust our recommendations to fit your reality, we do it for you. As a result, our advice is immediately actionable and can be applied to your organisation right away.


Thanks to our process-based approach, we can provide accurate estimates for each project phase, including the time required. This means that we have a clear understanding of the number of steps needed to deliver the necessary deliverables and the amount of time each step will take. As a result, we offer fixed prices for our services, except follow-up. This allows you to know precisely when the project will start and end and the budget that needs to be allocated. By doing so, you can effectively manage both your time and financial investment towards the project.


The unexchangeability of your organisation among potential and existing stakeholders is crucial for us. The less interchangeable your organisation is, the more valuable it is perceived to be. This value, or emotional credit, will enable you to capitalise on your short-term efforts and achieve a higher return on your marketing investment.


The growth of your organisation is closely tied to the quality of its relationships with both existing and potential stakeholders. Growingdale has defined nine relational indicators that allow for optimal management of the stakeholders' relationship and knowing what actions to take.

By identifying any areas of underperformance in these relationships and taking proactive steps to improve them, you can stimulate growth and enhance your organisation's overall performance. 


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