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The Protein Brewery | letting nature do its work

Growingdale is delighted to feature its latest branding project The Protein Brewery. Our objective was to translate Wim de Laat's (Founder) vision into a narrative that resonates with everyone who takes sustainable protein production seriously. The Protein Brewery is all about sustainable protein production through efficient production processes. Efficiency is the key to sustainability. 'Less is more' gets a new meaning. If less is needed because of a high efficiency-rate, thus less waste, and the result is according to target or even higher, then we have a viable model. For many years, we have wasted too much of everything as if resources were limitless. As if the earth was our property. The lack of a sense of responsibility and liability has pushed humanity to the edge of the cliff. We are forced into a reactive attitude, because of the lack of a proactive attitude. What resonated between Growingdale and The Protein Brewery is its biotic approach. It is a process based on the principles of cultivation. Nourishing microorganisms in an ideal environment and allows nature to do its work. Growingdale doesn't build brands, it cultivates them. Growingdale doesn't build customer relationships but nourishes them. The Protein Brewery brews proteins at an unparalleled efficiency rate. Developing processes in resonance with nature will release more energy than what was put in. Working in dissonance with nature will cost more energy than it ultimately will release. The Protein Brewery's approach is not merely different. It is a paradigm shift. The same way, Growingdale's Biotic Brand Cultivation is not merely a different branding approach, but a paradigm shift. Growingdale created the name, brand-DNA, logo and the content for The Protein Brewery's communication.

If you want to learn more about The Protein Brewery visit the website.

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