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My first brand: Maxam®

Bijgewerkt op: 10 sep. 2019

More than 30 years ago, I created my first brand for Ets. Vos — Maxam. I was new to the world of brands. To be entirely fair, I created this brand purely based on my graphics skills and instinct. The brand is a private label, for car appliances in the aftermarket. Mr Christian Vos, who is in his eighties now and still alive and kicking, built a strong reputation in raising the standard in automotive aftermarket appliances. In fact, car companies consult with him to put products on the market. The quality control of Mr Vos is unmatched and the direct result of his passion for excellence and cars.

I remember the first brochures and commercial video I created for Maxam. It was a thrilling time, when everything was an adventure.

Maxam is still on the market. Even better, it has built a strong reputation. In the Benelux market, when distributors see Maxam, they know what they can expect — quality and satisfied customers. I am pleased to see that the first brand I ever created has grown into adulthood and has increased in value. That is what branding is all about.

Today, I can look back on a portfolio of brands and trademarks I created. During the past years, I have learned how to increase the value of brands and how to nourish the relationship between brands and customers. Together with my life-partner Carola, we are focusing on how to make brands experienceable. In this regard, there is absolutely nothing that one can take for granted. Every little detail, every aspect of the business and everyone within a company impacts a brand and how customers will experience it. What Mr Vos taught me is that you need a never-ending passion for a brand. If not, it will just be a logo on an exchangeable product, without customers being emotionally attached to it.

We consider brands to be living entities, that can grow. That is why we named our branding process 'Biotic Brand Cultivation'. Brands are not built, they are cultivated.

I want to close with the words of Mr. Vos; "a good brand will bring forth a good product. The product and the service keep the brand strong. Good branding results in good business. Good business makes you happy."

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