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Not all growth is good

Many people believe that growth is per definition something positive — something to be welcomed. However, growth is indiscriminate. The word 'growth' does not express any appreciation. It simply means something is in the process of growing. Is growth always positive? Well, that depends on what you are growing and at what pace.

We provide you with two examples of non-positive growth.

Even cancers grow

When nourished, both positive and negative things grow. It is the law of nature. An organism is an organism, whether it is good or bad, desired or undesired. In fact, something negative grows faster — more aggressively, like weeds. It is, therefore, crucial to identify the very nature of what you are growing. Is it something beneficial or detrimental to you? Is what you are growing made of the DNA you want to grow? Or are you hatching a strange egg?

Whatever grows too fast is weak

Don't be impressed by fast growers. Whatever grows too fast is less resilient to undesired influences from outside. A child who grows too fast is very vulnerable. Even if a child is very tall for his or her age, the organs still need the required time to develop. Often, to fast growth is a stress on the body. The child will be more vulnerable to diseases. Another example: a tree that grows too fast will grow upward, though the roots still need the required time to develop. If the roots are underdeveloped compared to the trunk, a storm may easily uproot the tree.

It is the same with companies. If they grow too fast, they have skipped the phase of maturity, making them very vulnerable to challenges and crisis.

There you have it. Don't jump for joy when you see something growing at a hyper rate. You may well be investing your precious time and energy on your own downfall.

Remember, the first phase of growth is maturity, the second is multiplication. If you skip the phase of maturity, you will produce an immature offspring.

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