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The 3 laws of growth

Growth is a process, before it is a result. In fact, the result of growth is fruitfulness or offspring. To be even more accurate, growth is a biotic (living) process, governed by the biological laws of growth. Having growth as an objective without knowing the laws of growth is like building a rocket without knowing the law of gravity. You will be abandoned to luck.

Universal laws of growth

These are the three fundamental laws of growth:

  • Everything grows according to its own nature

  • Whatever you nourish, grows

  • The enviroment has on impact on growth

Any kind of growth hinges on these three laws. Master these three laws and you have control over the growth process.

Quality makes the difference

It is not enough to just have a DNA or to nourish your company, project or brand. What will impact the desired growth of your company, organisation, project or brand is the quality of the DNA, the quality of of the nutrition and the environment.

A defected DNA cannot be compensated by more nutrition. A hostile environment will challenge the amount of energy needed to grow and so on.

Each of these three laws require a specific approach in order to stimulate growth.

Being in control

Knowing the quality of your company, organisational, brand or project DNA (your vocation, vision and values), the quality of your stakeholders relationship (nutrition) and the quality of your growth environment will allow you to control the growth process.

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