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Growth is a process before being a result

Growth is a process — a biotic process. Biotic means 'alive'. In other words, if something is biotic, it grows. If it's not biotic, it will not. Growth obeys its own natural laws. Obeying the laws of growth will lead to fruitfulness. In the opposite case, the outcome will be purely accidental.

Often entrepreneurs mistake expansion for growth. One thing is for sure; expansion is not equal to growth. What these businesspeople mean is upscaling. But upscaling does not necessarily read growth.

Growth vs. expansion

Growth and expansion could not be more different. Growth is mostly seen as a result (consequence). However, before being a result, it is a process (cause) with its proper laws nobody can alter. Growth is per definition a biotic process. Non-biotic entities or systems do not grow. Let me put it in simple words; can one make a chair grow? Even after watering it? Off-course not. And there is a simple reason for that. There is no life in the chair's molecules. Growth is entirely based on the law of multiplication. Whatever is multiplied has the same characteristics (genes) as that which is multiplied. That is how growth works. No multiplication - no growth.

Expansion contrarily is not based on multiplication. What happens with expansion is that the original structure is blown up to an exponent of its original size. Molecules can increase their mass, however they cannot multiply. The increase in size is achieved by reducing the resistance. This is the same principle you see in electricity. If you want to get more power through a fuse you have to reduce the resistance. This implies off course that at a certain moment the wire will burn.

In case of indiscriminate expansion, we see a self-fulfilling prophecy. If expansion was calculated from a company’s start, chances are that the expansion will be stable. However, in most cases expansion was not part of the original setup.

The weak spot of expansion

Let’s look at the downside of expansion. Everything – and I mean everything, has a weak spot by principle (also a strong spot). With expansion one benefits from the strength in order to expand, though at the same time concentrating all the pressure and stress on the weak spot. The expansion will persist until the weak spot can no longer hold and the whole system collapses.

Biotic growth only occurs when the insufficiencies are nourished and strengthened. One cannot benefit from the strength. In fact, the insufficiencies are slowing down the whole process immediately. From the very beginning the insufficiencies will have their affect on the growth expansion. Opposite to expansion, only by increasing the resistance growth will occur.

With expansion this is different. The size will increase despite the weak point, not slowing it down. If you don’t know what the critical point is, the collapse will be abrupt and final. Many companies don’t know what the critical point of their expansion is. As long as the expansion increases their size, benefiting from their strengths, they will continue the expansion, obviously concentrating more stress on the weak points until total collapse.

The collapse of expansion

Companies who adopt biotic growth will see gradual increase in size, leaving enough time to intervene and to strengthen the company from within.

The 2008, the crisis severely affectet the economy because of the indiscriminate expansion fever, concentrating all the stress of the expansion on the weakest point. The weakest point were the “toxic mortgages”. However I believe that the crisis in this proportion has been engaged by a series of expansion models depended on each other. With a chain of expansion models, once one system collapses, the pressure and stress on the other systems increases and the breaking point will induce collapse even more rapidly, like a domino.

No economic model is indestructible, nor the expansion or biotic model. All systems have their weaknesses and if not taken into account, they will ultimately collapse. The biotic business model requires a totally different mindset in order to generate results. You must be a cultivator in order to generate growth. Only cultivators are successful in growth. Always identifying and nourishing what the company is most lacking of. In fact the biotic system only works by releasing the pressure from the weak points over and over again.

Each crisis has the benefit of confronting us with what didn’t work. Now there will be enough openness to consider other paradigms like biotic business growth. Indiscriminate expansion has led to indiscriminate collapse.

When you come to think of all this, is not more than come sense, simple wisdom. Though when it comes down to making more and more money, wisdom and common sense take a vacation.

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